1. What is your Italian sausage and chorizo made of? - It is made out of soy protein

2. What is the base of your cheese? - We use Plant Creamery's Vegan Cheese. They are either coconut or cashew milk based mostly

3. What's the size of your pizza? - 10 inches

4. What is the base of your bechamel? - We use cashew milk to make the bechamel sauce?

5. What are the heating instructions? - Preheat oven to 250F and bake it for 5 to 10 minutes or until the cheese starts bubbling again

6. Is your pizza good for how many? - There are 6 slices. Good for 2 to 3 people. But if you're hungry, it's good for 1 to 2!

7. What is the vegan honey made of? - It is made from juices of pineapples, oranges and other sweeteners

8. What makes the vegan honey sweet? - It's sweetened from the juices of pineapple, oranges and white sugar.

9. Are all of your products vegan? - Yes!

10. Are your pizzas gluten free? - No, it isn't gluten free.

11. What type of flour do you use for the pizza dough? - We use white flour.

12. What are your best sellers? - We recommend the Garlic Confit with Artichokes and Herb Puree and the Wild Mushroom Pizza with Onion Marmalade

Other FAQs

1. How to order? - You can order through our this ordering website pizzaplant.ph or you may contact us thru our hotline number 0998 585 5980

2. Do you deliver? - Yes, we can deliver currently through third party apps such as Grab, Food Panda, etc. We can book the ride for you!

3. Where are you located? - We have two branches located in Katipunan and San Juan.

Katipunan - 325 F Dela Rosa Street, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1110

San Juan - 124 J. Ruiz St, San Juan City, 1500

4. Can we pick up? - Yes, you can pick up at our address.

5. What kind of dough do you use? - We use sourdough pizza dough

6. Where else are you available? - We have resellers of our Frozen Pizzas around Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines (Cebu, Davao, etc). 

7. I want to be a reseller of your frozen pizzas? How can I apply? - Kindly fill up the sign-up form: https://forms.gle/TvPN8cDkzGXTc5zGA

8. Where can we get your cheese? - You can get it at our website https://gosalads.ph/collections/plant-creamery